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Cationic polymer flocculant-II (CAS No. 26590-05-6)

Product code: LYPW-302

CAS No.  26590-05-6

Molecular Formula: (C8H16NCl)n(C3H5NO)n′

Structural Formula: 

Appearance of this product is colorless to light yellow liquid, specific weight:1.02 g/cm3, resolve temperature 150℃ .Be dissolved in water easily, good stability. This series of polymer is the highly charged cationic copolymer of dially dimethyl ammonium chloride and acrylamide,cationic,high polymer weight, has the characteristics of electron neutralization and bridge absorption, mainly applied to solid - liquid separation process as flocculant.

 Code Item



Colorless to slight yellow viscose liquid

Solid content,%




Viscosity (25),cps


Used as sludge regulation flocculant in urban sewage, industrial sewage and wastewater treatment system, especially applicable to original sewage or the processing sewage, food processing wastewater, ferment wastewater, and other organic suspended substances and biodegradable sludge dewatering, and all types of industrial wastewater treatment. The drug can be used as retention agent in the paper industry ,as well as fiber-containing wastewater sludge dewatering. Dealing with all kinds of mineral mud in mining and minerals processing. Also used for oil-water separator, crude oil dehydration and sewage treatment on oilfields and refineries.
Please first have a jar test to confirm the correct method and dosage. First prepare 0.01-1% water solution. Reference dosage: The dosage is a total sludge solid volume of 0.2% in sludge dewatering sludge, depending on the character of the sludge changes. Dealing with mineral mud, generally the dosage is 0.1-25 mg / kg (ppm) of mud weight.
125Kg PE Drum. 200Kg PE Drum, 1000Kg IBC Tank.
Storage and Transportation:
Pack and preserve the product in a sealed, cool and dry condition, and avoid contacting strong oxidants.
The term of validity: Two years.
Transportation: Non-dangerous goods.