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Award Winning Interior Design

RAFİ CONSTRUCTION & CONTRACTING is unique within the list that it is experienced well enough as it has climbed up the steps with several companies run by the family since 1954.

The family is very well known by its selling construction materials. Therefore it was a necessity to have another company which builts shopping malls, hotels, holiday villages, residences and turn key projects. Thus Rafi Construction was set up in 2008 to meet the demand in the sector.

All over the World, tourism investments and housing needs created a need of experienced construction companies which can take part in the field starting from the construction projects, planning and build up applications.

As Rafi Construction company we are proud of 63 years of experience in providing, producing, supplying, installing, organizing, timing and controlling. The trust of our know-how makes us even more improved with the needs of the modern day. Our organizational structure is based on the principal of productivity and minimising the bureaucratic barriers.

The major part of our manufacture is accomplished by our central unities and acquisition is run by headquartes. However, in case of immediate deliveries we look after financiers’ benefit and try to find local solutions. Moreover in every Project we charge well experienced crew, Project management teams and regional workers. Before giving responsibility all the Project management team members have to assess pilot process in the field.

As Rafi Construction we feel the honour to take part in many different projects in the past few years like;  Bone Sunset Hotel, Papillon Zeugma Hotel, Rhapsody Hotel, Sunwing Hotel, Güral Premier Hotel, Jiwa Beach Hotel, Trendy Lara Hotel, Ic Green Palace Hotel, Andriake Hotel, Nirvana Lagoon Beach Hotel, Side Star Hotel, Ak-ka Antedon De Luxe Hotel, Ak-ka Alinda Hotel, Elysium Villas, Lexus Mansions, Şimal 2 Villas, Beykoz Nun College. Our confidence improves as the time passes.

For the time being, some projects in Kosovo, Umman, Belarus, Serbia are on the run. We hope we can carry our service and construction quality to those countries.

No doubt all constructions are the collateral work of our investors trust, Rafi construction teams and who provide us the materials and the man power.

We as Rafi Construction and Contracting would like to thank everyone who show us the trust, reliability and support.